KODAK Professional Endura Radiance Paper

Luxurious Colors. Soft appeal. Fiery impact.


KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Radiance True Photo Paper delivers glowing colors and dimensional appeal. Endura Radiance is ideal for creating extraordinary portraits, landscapes, displays, wraps, and sports products to push the boundaries of what a professional paper can do. Elevate your images, and your business, with new Endura Radiance paper.

Key Features:

  • Glowing, vibrant highlights
  • Natural-looking skin tones
  • Soft, matte finish
  • Smooth surface feel
  • Kodak Professional Endura Paper backprint



Amazing quality. Accurate colors.
Unsurpassed longevity. Exceptional durability.


In today's fast-paced market, stay current, differentiate your work and gain an edge on your competition. Build on your quality reputation, grow business opportunities, and achieve your clients' highest expectations.  We have what it takes to help you attain your goals.

Award-winning KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Premier Paper set the gold standard for quality and longevity. Our professional papers deliver vibrant colors, clean whites, rich blacks, and smooth, realistic skin tones that enable you to offer unsurpassed print products that last for generations.

KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA True Photo Papers help you push the boundaries of what you think a professional paper can do. ENDURA Premier features our technological breakthrough, the latest advancement in coupler technology, expanding your ability to offer high-quality images to your clients' professional, compelling prints that accurately preserve their precious memories.

Key Features:

  • The flagship product of The True Photo Paper family
  • Strong, bright, vibrant colors
  • Natural-looking skin tones
  • Clean-looking whites, Bold, rich blacks
  • Sharp text and graphics

KODAK Professional Brilliance Paper

Professional quality. Superb results.


KODAK PROFESSIONAL Brilliance Paper provides a wide variety of colors, true-to-life skin tones, and the razor-sharp text. KODAK PROFESSIONAL Brilliance Paper offers an increased color gamut with improved cyan, blue, green and yellow colors. This true photo paper will surely meet your high expectations with rich colors, clean whites, bold blacks and realistic skin tones, particularly important in fine portraiture.

Key Features:

  • Increased color gamut for stronger, brighter, more vibrant colors
  • Clean, sharp text and graphics
  • Bold, rich blacks

KODAK Professional Elite Paper

A difference your clients will appreciate.

Kodak Professional Elite Paper

In an ever-changing digital world, printed photographs are more important than ever.  They have the power to bring customers back to a time, a place, a memory. Kodak Professional Elite paper is ideal for premium prints that will be cherished for a lifetime. With bold, rich colors and exceptional clarity, this true photo paper delivers breathtaking prints that bring memories to life.

Key Features:

  • Rich, deep black tones and clean, bright whites
  • Premium, professional paper base
  • Unmistakable Kodak Professional backprint

KODAK Premier Digital Paper

Premium paper. Professional applications.

premier paper

KODAK Premier Digital Paper is the perfect paper for premium prints to celebrate, relive, and preserve life's most important events. You'll be pleased with the paper's bold, rich colors, and natural-looking skin tones. Premier Digital Paper is crafted to last featuring the distinctive gold backprint identifying it as a premium-quality KODAK Paper.

Key Features:

  • Professional paper base
  • Deep, rich blacks and clean whites
  • Distinctive gold KODAK PROFESSIONAL Paper backprint

KODAK Premier Digital II Paper

Professional Quality. Affordable Price.


KODAK Premier Digital II Paper will impress with its unmistakable Kodak performance. The new, thicker paper base is perfect for prints with a premium feel that will be cherished for a lifetime. Kodak Premier Digital II Paper delivers prints packed with just the right level of color saturation and enhanced blacks for wedding, portrait, youth, special event, and sport photo applications.

Key Features:

  • Thicker paper base
  • Excellent skin tones; deep, rich blacks
  • Kodak Professional backprint

KODAK Photo Book Paper

Spectacular Photo Books.


KODAK Photo Book Paper is very similar to our world-class KODAK EKTACOLOR EDGE Paper, but with a 50-micron thinner base. The emulsion technology enables rich, bright colors, exceptional dynamic range and detail, and spectacular print quality. Due to a thinner base, the paper is ideal for double-sided photobooks, post cards and album cover production.

Key Features:

  • Thin-base true photo paper optimized for photo-book applications
  • No backprint
  • Excellent flesh-tone reproduction
  • Bright, saturated colors

KODAK Pro Image Paper

A professional, value-driven True Photo Paper.


Kodak Pro Image Paper is an entry-level professional paper that provides prints packed with just the right level of color saturation and enhanced blacks for portrait, youth, special event, documentation, and sport photo applications. The unmistakable Kodak backprint identifies the benefits of true photo paper quality.

Key Features:

  • Quality true photographic paper for professional-looking results
  • Rich, deep black tones and bold, vibrant colors
  • Exceptional process robustness and consistency

KODAK ROYAL Digital Paper

Make every print, Extraordinary.

Kodak Royal Digital Paper

KODAK ROYAL Digital Paper is a premium-quality, consumer grade paper designed for those who want their prints to be extraordinary. Prints on ROYAL Digital Paper are crisp and bright with natural-looking skin tones. The Pictures exude quality, convey dynamic color and detail... and lasts over one hundred years before noticeable fading in typical home display conditions.

Key Features:

  • Optimized for making crisp, sharp digital print
  • Bold, bright colors that last a lifetime
  • Premium-quality base, with a distinctive gold back-print


Kodak quality. Attractive pricing.

Kodak Ektacolor Edge Paper

KODAK EKTACOLOR EDGE Paper is a Kodak branded world-class consumer product.  Kodak's latest, leading-edge paper emulsion technology enables long-lasting prints and enlargements making it a great choice for consumers seeking prints for their everyday shots.

Key Features:

  • Rich, prestigious-feeling, quality prints
  • Bold, bright colors
  • Distinctive KODAK Paper backprint